“Too Good At Goodbyes” – Sam Smith

     After almost two years of silence, Sam Smith is back with another soulful single. Smith released “Too Good At Goodbyes”, the first track off his upcoming sophomore album, on September 8th. Smith is known for his lifting sound, big choirs, and his beautiful, but heartbreaking lyrics. I have yet to meet someone who denies his talent. 

     Sam gained an immense fan base and a large amount of support from other artists, upon the release of his first single “Lay Me Down.” He followed up “Lay Me Down” with the iconic singles “Stay With Me” (a song that will never outgrow the radio), and “I’m Not The Only One”. From that point on, Smith proved himself a musical force to be reckoned with, and made a home for his music at the top of the charts.

      Now, three years have passed since his first album In The Lonely Hour, and he has released the very first single of his highly anticipated, second album. I wasn’t sure what to expect before listening to “Too Good At Goodbyes”; was it going to be similar to his other music, or was it going to be something completely foreign? 

     Well, he fused the two together and created a Sam Smith 2.0 sound. He still has his signature choir on the chorus, big bridges, and expressive sound, but he also sings in a hushed voice which brings a more intimate sound to the song. Sam even adds finger snapping and a piano tune that builds throughout the song, which makes this track all the more unique. 

      As for the content of the song, Sam gives insight on his love life and what he’s like in a relationship. One of the reasons he took a hiatus was to focus on his love life (which clearly wasn’t successful based off the lyrics). He speaks about being closed off in his relationships, out of fear of being hurt, and how he appears to be “cold and heartless”, but that’s the only way he knows how to protect his soul. By listening to this song, it is very apparent that Sam being “Too Good At Goodbyes” is most likely his downfall when it comes to his love.

     Sam Smith is no amateur when it comes to making heartbreak sound beautiful, and this song is no exception. I have too much excitement for his upcoming album (said to be released before Christmas), and have high expectations for Mr.Smith. You can expect a full album review once it’s released, my ears can’t wait to listen!

Harry Styles, Debut Solo Album Review

After a year and a half long hiatus, Harry Styles re-entered the music scene, dropping his debut solo album, Harry Styles. The self-titled album took the world by storm and quickly sky rocketed up the charts. The album strays far from the sound of his previous albums released with his former band mates of One Direction. Instead of giving us a traditional, upbeat, pop album, Styles surprised the music world with an album that samples bits and pieces of all different genre’s of music. The album features soft indie tracks like Meet Me In The Hallway, to full on glam-rock songs like Only Angel and Kiwi. The 10 track album flawlessly demonstrated his vocal range, from his high notes in his first single off the album Sign of the Times, to the soft sounding┬álove track, Sweet Creature, back up to┬áhis rugged pop-rock sound in Carolina. After listening to the album repeatedly, the album is a clear winner of my heart, along with the millions of other hearts it has stolen this past week. I’m eager to see what the future holds for the 23 year-old musical genius, and I can not wait to support him every step of the way.