A July 4th Party Playlist!!!

July 4th, a special date that evokes feelings of happiness, pride, and the overwhelming urge to celebrate our beautiful country, America! The only way to truly celebrate the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave is to throw (or attend) a giant July 4th bash! While most party throwers are racing to the store to buy stock in hot dogs and beer (because it doesn’t get more American than hot dogs and beer), raiding the firework tent on the street corner, or making the last minute effort to find a patriotic shirt in their size at Old Navy (WHICH NEVER HAPPENS, YOU WILL NEVER FIND THE RIGHT SIZE), they often forget about the most important part of the party, the music!!!!

Obviously, friends and family are needed to make a party a party, but once the food runs out, the only thing that will keep your party going is a rocking patriotic playlist. So while you are stressing over the lack of decorations you have, I thought I would ease your stress and create the perfect playlist to keep your guests of all ages singing, dancing, and most importantly, AT YOUR PARTY!!!

Here are 10 iconic jams to turn your Independence Day into IndepenDANCE Day:

1) “Firework” – Katy Perry

This song does not need an explanation as to why it appears on this list. The title is literally “Firework”.

2) “Born In The U.S.A.” – Bruce Springsteen

An American classic, this song should be mandatory to listen to on July 4th.

3) “Party In The U.S.A.” – Miley Cyrus

The song behind majority of the July 4th captions you will see on your Instagram feed.

4) “Sweet Home Alabama”- Lynyrd Skynyrd

This song also does not need an explanation as to why it is on this list. It screams America.

5) “Surfin’ U.S.A.” – The Beach Boys

If you’re lucky enough to find a spot on the beach during July 4th, this song should be on repeat.

6) “Made In The U.S.A.”- Demi Lovato

This song is just pure fun and deserves to be played at any party.

7) “Sweet Caroline”- Neil Diamond

A song where everyone throws their fists in the air during the chorus? Check.

8) “American Woman”- The Guess Who


9) “Kids In America” – Kim Wilde

No matter what your age is, you should be singing along to this song.

10) “Don’t Stop Believin'” – Journey

Although this song doesn’t scream “America”, this is a song that you can’t not sing, it’s basically an involuntary function your body does whenever this song comes on.


So here’s your complete 10 track list that will keep your July 4th party going strong until it’s July 5th (or until it’s no longer an appropriate time to keep setting off fireworks), enjoy!!!

EVOLVE – Imagine Dragons

  Imagine Dragons, an American rock band from Las Vegas Nevada, released their junior album EVOLVE a few days ago. The name “Evolve” is very fitting for this album based on its singles that were released earlier this year. Previously, they have released singles such as “On Top Of The World”, “I Bet My Life”, and their most well-known single, “Radioactive”, which have all consisted of the same pop-rock vibes. In contrast, their most popular single off their new album is a track called “Believer”, which is a very strong and powerful track, and is a good representation of the evolution from their past singles.

Strong, powerful, and aggressive lyrics and beats seem to be a recurring theme on this album. Even tracks that had more emotional lyrics were accompanied by intense beats. Majority of the songs on the 11 track album are hard hitting, upbeat, bops that make you want to head-bang and punch something in a non-violent, passionate way: a special feeling that only certain musicians can provide you with.

Although many of the tracks are fierce, there are also a few groovy and calmer tracks off the album. “I’ll Make It Up To You” and “Dancing In The Dark” are tracks that capture the albums more gentle essence, and provide the album with good musical balance.

After listening to each track repeatedly, EVOLVE has proven itself as a solid album with both aggressive and groovy tracks, and is yet another success for Imagine Dragons.


Standout Track- “I’ll Make It Up To You”





“Malibu”, Miley Cyrus

After delivering an emotional performance of her latest single, “Malibu”, last night at the Billboard Music Awards, Miley Cyrus has officially built a new and improved home in the heart of music.

Over the past decade, Cyrus has been consistently changing her image in hopes of breaking away from her old Disney Channel brand. When she entered the world of fame as a young teenager, Miley was quickly idolized and had every young girl begging to see her in concert as Hannah Montana. Once Cyrus started to mature, it became clear that the Hannah Montana lifestyle was no longer for her. She quickly shed her bubble-gum pop sound, and began introducing more mature content (which led to a complete melt down in the media). But it wasn’t until the VMA Awards in 2013, where she danced on stage with Robin Thicke and a foam finger, that she officially burned her Disney image to the ground. After that performance, Cyrus was practically branded as a lost cause who wouldn’t get much support moving forward in the music business.

Now, almost 4 years after the foam finger, Cyrus has surprised us all with her new single, attitude, and outlook on life. Unlike her previous songs, “Malibu”, is soft and lovely and the perfect example of what a comeback song should sound like. Her voice sounds beautiful, the lyrics are heart-warming, and the tune is comforting. It’s the type of song that should make an appearance on everyone’s happy, summer playlist.

Cyrus includes lyrics in “Malibu” about her past and sings “I never would’ve believed you, If three years ago you told me, I’d be here writing this song.” Those lines sum up the entire message of the song, and it’s a beautiful one. If the goal of this song was to not only serve as her comeback, but to also steal back the hearts of her fans, Miley has accomplished that and much more.



Harry Styles, Debut Solo Album Review

After a year and a half long hiatus, Harry Styles re-entered the music scene, dropping his debut solo album, Harry Styles. The self-titled album took the world by storm and quickly sky rocketed up the charts. The album strays far from the sound of his previous albums released with his former band mates of One Direction. Instead of giving us a traditional, upbeat, pop album, Styles surprised the music world with an album that samples bits and pieces of all different genre’s of music. The album features soft indie tracks like Meet Me In The Hallway, to full on glam-rock songs like Only Angel and Kiwi. The 10 track album flawlessly demonstrated his vocal range, from his high notes in his first single off the album Sign of the Times, to the soft sounding┬álove track, Sweet Creature, back up to┬áhis rugged pop-rock sound in Carolina. After listening to the album repeatedly, the album is a clear winner of my heart, along with the millions of other hearts it has stolen this past week. I’m eager to see what the future holds for the 23 year-old musical genius, and I can not wait to support him every step of the way.

Introducing Me


Welcome to my blog “Blooming Tunes”. My name is Carly, I’m currently 17, and music is my passion! I created this blog so I could write about my favorite musicians, and share my thoughts and reviews on the latest music and musical artists. If you share the same passion for music as me, I would love to share my thoughts with you!

peace, love, and happy sounds.

– Carly