Harry Styles Live On Tour – Concert Review

If you know me personally, you would know that I went through a few years (5, but who’s counting) of intense devotion and dedication to One Direction. Yes, the boy band, that’s the one. And when I say intense, I mean intense. We’re talking Instagram, Twitter and even Tumblr accounts with the sole purpose of posting things specifically One Direction. I even flew a few states north of my home just to see them perform in Baltimore. Although I have grown a lot and a fair amount of time has passed since I was at that stage of my life, I still hold a special place in my heart for the band and all of its members, which is why I am writing this review on Harry Style’s (1/4th of One Direction) concert that I had the pleasure of attending on June 9th.

Harry is known for his eccentric outfits (Gucci flower print suits, amazing), unique personality (probably the most accepting and loving person to date), and his stunning vocals (no extra comment needed). And after attending his solo concert, it is safe to say he embodies all these things both on and off the stage. His concert was everything I could have imagined and more. There was truly something for everyone attending. For the newer fans, he played every single song off his debut album, which shocked me because it is unusual for an artist to play their whole album. Between the songs possessing different tempos and vocals that can only be effectively achieved with the help of a studio, I was extremely impressed with his ability to master every single note he sang (although I expected it from someone with his level of talent). For his fans that have been with him throughout his One Direction era, he played three songs (Stockholm Syndrome, If I Could Fly and the forever iconic What Makes You Beautiful), from that period of his life to reminisce on his past with the fans who have been with him for years. And for the parents and fans who enjoy a bit of Stevie Nicks, he played The Chain, and performed it in his own unique and pristine way. Basically, it was impossible to not enjoy his performance.

     In addition to the music, Harry’s stage etiquette was flawless. With frequent interactions, banter, and laughs shared with the audience, he provided the highest level of entertainment possible. It was clear how much he enjoyed being on the stage and making people smile. There was also no shortage of love from the fans. With roses, rainbow flags and a sea of cell phone flashlights, it was evident how much he is appreciated.

If Harry ever comes back to perform in a city near me, it would be impossible to pass up the opportunity to see him live. And if he is coming to a venue near you, I would highly encourage you to see him perform, he is truly a class act. I look forward to seeing all the accomplishments in his future (although selfishly I hope a One Direction reunion is included in it).

– Carly


38C6A9AB-9556-441E-89F4-BE6E9A10CBBF.jpg          harry-styles1.jpg



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