My Favorite Songs of 2017

2017 has been a year filled with new sounds, new beats and a fresh take on the music industry. With big stars making comebacks (Miley Cyrus, Kesha, Demi Lovato…) and new stars making their debuts, this year of music has been truly magical! Since we are in the last few moments of 2017, I thought I would reminisce on my 17 favorite tracks of 2017.

17. Can’t Get Enough of Myself (ft. BC Unidos) – Santigold

This is the one of two songs on this list that did not debut in 2017, but I first heard of it this year when watching the first episode of Riverdale! I have since watched the first season of Riverdale multiple times and this song is now symbolic to me!

16. I’ll Make It Up To You – Imagine Dragons

This song has the perfect beat and was the first song that grabbed my attention off Imagine Dragon’s new album!

15. Meet Me In The Hallway – Harry Styles

Everything about this song is perfect. From the chorus, the soothing guitar, his voice… if there is one song to listen to off Style’s debut album, this is by far the most vocally impressive and the song I would recommend! It has an old vibe to it that separates it from the other tracks on this list.

14. End Game – Taylor Swift (ft. Future and Ed Sheeran)

This is by far my favorite track off her new album “Reputation”. I love the rhythm and the fact that it features both Future and Ed Sheeran in it, any song with Ed Sheeran automatically levels up for me. It is the catchiest song I have heard all year and I spent days listening to this sole song on repeat.

13. Something Just Like This – The Chainsmokers and Coldplay

Coldplay is one of my all time favorite bands and a collaboration with the Chainsmokers never disappoints, so the mash up of both of them was a recipe for perfection. Although every time I turn on the radio, this song still comes on, it never gets old. This track captures every bit of magic music has to offer.

12. All Time Low – Jon Bellion

This song also debuted in 2016, but it didn’t hit mainstream radio until earlier this year. You can’t help but sing along to the lyrics. I also saw Jon perform this song live this year which made it stand out all the more to me.

11. 8TEEN – Khalid

Khalid is one of the newest superstars of 2017 and if you don’t like his music, then you haven’t heard his complete album. I’m a fan of all the songs he released this year, but, since I turned 18 a few months ago and this is one of my favorites, I chose this song for my list!

10. Barcelona – Ed Sheeran

Ed is my favorite musician ever and if I could put his entire album on this list- I would. “Divide” is my favorite album of the year and every song is absolute gold! I chose Barcelona for this list because when I saw him in concert this year, I had the most fun dancing and jumping around to this song!

9. Tell Me You Love Me – Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato is my favorite vocalist from this year. Every song she came out with was incredible. You can feel this song in your bones.

8. Stay – Zedd and Alesia Cara

This song is easily one of the most popular and overplayed songs of the year, but it also the catchiest. I listened to this on repeat over summer and it is my favorite dance track of 2017.

7. Bad At Love – Halsey

Halsey is one of my favorite artists and I was lucky enough to see her twice this year. My favorite thing about her is that her lyrics are very real and that’s what this song is, real.

6. Malibu – Miley Cyrus

I already wrote a blog post on this song specifically, but Miley Cyrus has been the biggest musical surprise for me this year. This song is so refreshing along with the rest of her album.

5. Strangers – Halsey and Lauren Jauregui

This song made this list not only because I love it, but because it is one of the most diverse and powerful songs to date. 5 years ago this song would not have been acceptable to play on the radio and it serves as a reminder that we are advancing and becoming more accepting and cultured as a whole.

4. Praying – Kesha

Kesha’s power ballad of the year, easily one of my favorite songs ever. I still get chills every time I hear it!

3. I Have Questions – Camila Cabello

Camila has been one of the biggest surprises to me this year. After her departure from Fifth Harmony, I did not think I would be a huge fan of her, but, so far she has proved all my pre-judgements wrong. This is my favorite song she has released so far, it is so emotional and personal and this track deserves more credit than it has received.

2. Lost In Your Light – Day Lipa (ft. Miguel)

I went through a week where I refused to listen to anything but this song. Dis Lipa is one of the highest selling female artists of the year and she deserves every bit of attention she has received. Her music is brilliant and this song is a perfect example of why. Plus, she added Miguel to this track, as if it couldn’t get any better.

1. You Don’t Do It For Me Anymore – Demi Lovato

My favorite song of the year goes to Demi Lovato. This has some of the most emotionally powerful and strong lyrics I have ever heard. I knew this was one of my favorite tracks of all time the second I heard it. If you have ever doubted Lovato’s vocal abilities, you will realize you made a mistake after listening to this.


That’s it for my last post of 2017! Thank you for reading and following me this year!

– Carly (:

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