Rainbow – Kesha

When I think of Kesha, I think of my pre-teen self, singing lyrics that were way to mature for me, with my friends at lunch and Aftercare. I still remember hearing “Tik Tok” on the radio for the first time and thinking it was the BEST song to ever hit the music industry. Later she released her first album Animal and branded her self as the messy girl who sings iconic party anthems that are too catchy to not have on replay (We R Who We R, Take It Off, Your Love Is My Drug)… But after three studio albums she disappeared.  Kesha surprisingly came back to the public eye after filing a law suit against her producer, Dr. Luke. She had a very public lawsuit against him and sued for sexual assault, battery, abuse and unfortunately the list continues. The lawsuit prevented her from releasing new music and making creative content, until this summer when she was finally able to release her comeback single “Praying”.

Prior to “Praying”, I had no idea Kesha was capable of producing anything that wasn’t meant for the club, she proved me wrong in the best way. “Praying” is a power ballad in the purest form, complete with the strongest vocals I have ever heard from Kesha and the most intense, but beautiful beat. She couldn’t have set the bar higher for her upcoming album, Rainbow.

Rainbow, was released last week, and it lived up to every expectation. Her new sound is mature and diverse and nothing like her past albums. She took a few different musical approaches when writing her songs, as there is not one specific style that can describe the album. She covered everything from rock, pop, country (with a Dolly Parton collaboration), and even included a few playful songs that are essential to any Kesha album. This album is a true musical adventure.

The tracks that standout to me (besides the obvious one, “Praying”), are “Bastards”, “Woman”, “Learn To Let Go”, and “Boots”. “Bastards” is the introductory song and it’s surprisingly motivational, despite the title. She sings about keeping your head high and to not let people degrade you or get you down. She displays impressive vocals while keeping a calm and soothing tone, and it’s one of the songs that has impressed me the most. I also love the song “Woman”; it’s an empowerment track that sparks the feministic flame inside your soul. The voiceovers of Kesha laughing and talking over the track is what makes it so perfect. Feminism is considered a “touchy subject” in todays society, but Kesha balanced it out with light hearted lyrics and turned it into a bop that can’t be passed up.

Rainbow has proven Kesha to be a musical force that is power housing through the industry. She is no longer someone you can shove into a box labelled “don’t open within 100 feet of children, contains bad influence!” I can officially call myself a real fan of Kesha and be proud while saying it. I can’t wait to support her on the rest of her musical endeavors.




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