EVOLVE – Imagine Dragons

  Imagine Dragons, an American rock band from Las Vegas Nevada, released their junior album EVOLVE a few days ago. The name “Evolve” is very fitting for this album based on its singles that were released earlier this year. Previously, they have released singles such as “On Top Of The World”, “I Bet My Life”, and their most well-known single, “Radioactive”, which have all consisted of the same pop-rock vibes. In contrast, their most popular single off their new album is a track called “Believer”, which is a very strong and powerful track, and is a good representation of the evolution from their past singles.

Strong, powerful, and aggressive lyrics and beats seem to be a recurring theme on this album. Even tracks that had more emotional lyrics were accompanied by intense beats. Majority of the songs on the 11 track album are hard hitting, upbeat, bops that make you want to head-bang and punch something in a non-violent, passionate way: a special feeling that only certain musicians can provide you with.

Although many of the tracks are fierce, there are also a few groovy and calmer tracks off the album. “I’ll Make It Up To You” and “Dancing In The Dark” are tracks that capture the albums more gentle essence, and provide the album with good musical balance.

After listening to each track repeatedly, EVOLVE has proven itself as a solid album with both aggressive and groovy tracks, and is yet another success for Imagine Dragons.


Standout Track- “I’ll Make It Up To You”





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